The 2020 Census Begins Today. Make Sure You’re Counted

Make Black Count

SACRAMENTO – A mother sitting in the park with her toddlers may not understand the importance of the U.S. Census, but gets it upon learning that filling the survey out today can mean her children having a spot in a free afterschool program a few years from now.

An all out blitz is taking place in advance of the April 1 date the federal government has set as Census Day. Locally a number of community-based programs are taking part in efforts to educate the community about what the census is and what it means to them.

Among those leading the charge is the Greater Sacramento Urban League. CEO and President Cassandra Jennings was seen at several area Black History Month events encouraging participants to “Make Black Count.” Make Black Count is the slogan of an African American Complete Count Committee that is working to ensure that Blacks won’t be undercounted this time around.

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