Community Leaders Focused on Achieving a Complete Census Count

Leaders of Sacramento County’s Complete Count Committee aim to remind local residents that, even during the current public health crisis, achieving an accurate count in the once-a-decade U.S. Census is vitally important, and there are numerous ways residents can complete the Census safely and easily:

Linda Beech Cutler, chief executive of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, which is leading the Complete Count Committee in partnership with Sacramento ACT and Sacramento County, says local Census leaders are prioritizing health and safety in their efforts to achieve a complete count. They are bolstering digital outreach to populations that have proven hardest-to-reach in previous counts and are ensuring culturally responsive Census support through e-blasts, social media engagement, and phone banking  to take every precaution to ensure staff, volunteers, and guests remain safe.

“This crisis only reinforces the importance of achieving an accurate count in our community,” she says. “The hardest-to-count populations in Sacramento County are the same groups that tend to bear the greatest costs during public health crises like this one. It’s essential that we get everyone counted, so public health programs can get much-needed resources—and so we can be prepared for future emergencies.”

Among numerous other funded programs, data collected from the 2020 count will determine funding available for Sacramento County public health programs, including its Public Health Emergency Preparedness program and its Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program.